My hair is back!

December 24, 2012

So it’s been almost a whole term of school since I’ve cut and styled my hair. But I just cut my hair for Christmas mass so I can somewhat look like Stryder with the maroon cowl collar sweater my brother got me! Anime hair ftw!

So we had to decorate the GameZone on campus with some festive drawings. I tend to have a really hard time settling with something when it comes to creating something original. I have the opposite of writers block: I have too many things to decide from instead of not having ideas. So lately, I’ve been practicing the idea of “just do the first thing I think up and roll with it!”

Someone asked Ashlee to draw the staff as cartoon versions. She ended up drawing a Pokemon banner with Hanukkah and Kwanzaa symbols, haha. So I figured I should try and tackle the task of cartoonifying everyone. While I was drawing up concepts, I just kept going with the next idea. “What if we were all Street Fighter characters?!”
“Ooohh shiiit!”


October 25, 2012

I prefer colored pencils but I got some markers that I thought were pretty cool. I figured it would look cooler if I draw comic/manga style. Here’s me trying them out by doodling a bit! Now if I can find some more flesh tones…

I started bench pressing around 90lbs a couple of months ago. (It’s way harder with free weights and a barbell compared to a machine, btw). Now I can bench 170lbs. And I’m just getting leaner. Since the gym at school is closed this week, I’ll do insanity for a little cutting phase. Then I’ll continue both so Insanity will replace my Tabata/HIIT cardio every week. The goal is to improve strength, physique, and endurance. Also, I wanna cosplay as any bamf I want. Maybe Yun or Yang from Street Fighter? Maybe… Haha.

So I’ve been lifting and doing some HIIT training so that I can finally gain muscle and try to lean up a bit. Kristian is my main coach/workout partner, haha. It’s really awesome working out together with him, Mary Ann, and even Ally (she’s usually in Davis). I’m so stoked that I somewhat have a chest and biceps now! Here is a comparison. Doing Insanity doesn’t really give you the muscle/physique that you usually see on athletic male models. You need to gain that by lifting. While on that topic, lifting weights is beneficial for women too. It doesn’t hurt to lift a little weights. You can’t get too buff by accident. It takes years of dedication and hard work, otherwise, everybody who wanted to be buff would be buff! And building/toning your muscles burns more calories and fat the more lean muscle you have. Also, the less you use your muscles (after bulking up), the more atrophy (muscle degradation) occurs.

Here’s some advice: If you plan on going on an exercise program, keeping up with proper nutrition and good sleeping habits is a must. There were a couple of times when I tried to tackle the second month of insanity as a game tester and ended up getting sick. My average work day was 12 hours and I did not have many healthy food options. My immune system was weakened because I was losing so much weight and I did not have the proper nutrition to keep me healthy. My sleep schedule also made me feel like crap and didn’t give my immune system a break. This time around, I am making sure I eat adequately (with healthy options and balance) everyday and I also take vitamins. I also take fish oil pills for the great benefits I am lacking because I barely eat fish. The disclaimers on the beginning of Insanity is true! It’s not for everybody (although anybody can get a hold of the basic video exercises).  It’s best to have the right nutrition when trying to do that. Or, you can even do your own workouts the way my friends and I are doing it. It’s a little more fun this way =].

This picture doesn’t really show how lean I am, but I assure you, I’ve never been leaner. My clothes fit better and my pants are looser (unfortunately). I feel really great day to day and I also have more confidence. However, I’m nowhere near my goal. First off, I don’t really have a chest. Unless I can pump them with absolute control like the Old Spice guy, my pecs don’t count! Now I’m not saying I want to be as huge as him, I’m just saying I gotta be able to pump it like that XD.

(reposted with video embed)

I’ve been experimenting with HitFilm. It’s an awesome video editor that allows you to use awesome special effects in the program (2D & 3D) inside the program. It has way more tools than Final Cut and it has After Effects kinds of effects without having to work with two programs.

So I decided to try out this thing where I have a glowing light in my hands. I also wanted it to shine while looking like it’s behind my hands and in front of my face. I didn’t have any green screen so I knew it would be really hard to make this effect look decent without being super still. Also I didn’t learn how to animate masks until after I made it, haha. So I decided to use a photo so it would be easy for me to just concentrate on the special effect.

Original photo

“These are hands?!”

I used a combination of duplicate layers, masks, color, and lighting effects aside from the orb. At first the effect worked as I wanted except my fingers from the lower layers were visible as the perspective became more exaggerated. So I decided to make the effect very subtle. It was okay but I wanted a really noticeable effect. Then I figured I should separate the hands in their own layers so I can animate them to cover the layers better. This is what I ended up with:

If you look around the channel, you can see the process I went through. :D


July 7, 2012

Friends enjoying Sapporo at the Cherry Blossom Festival 2012. Nothing like being able to drink in public during a Japanese Festival eh?

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